Services from the Virtual College Chapel

15 May 2020

Every Sunday throughout Trinity Term at 6pm, you can tune into a service from the Virtual College Chapel.

During the week, our students send in all sorts of musical offerings (singing, playing, 'group singing' using several recordings of the same voice) and we put it together into a service. It also includes music from our choirs (from previous CDs), a sermon and the chance to pray together.

If you have Facebook, the easiest way to access Chapel services is to 'like' the 'Worcester College Chapel' Facebook page.

If you do not have Facebook, go to the Chapel website and you will find a link which will take you to listen to the online service without the use of Facebook.

You can listen at any time, but if you listen 'live' you will be joining other staff and students and fellows, as well as a large number of overseas students and alumni. All are welcome.