Permission for 2019 Tercentenary Campaign Donor Report

We would like to formally recognise each and every donor to the College by including your name and year of matriculation in our Tercentenary Campaign Donor Report, and future Annual Donor Reports. The amount of your donation will not be published.

Your Personal Data

The College is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal data.  Information held on the College’s Alumni and Development database is held under the provision of the General Data Protection Regulation.  The overarching purpose of collecting and processing your personal data is to provide you with the best possible experience of being an alumnus/alumna of the College.  The Development and Alumni Relations Office exists to establish and develop lifelong relationships with you: our alumni, donors, friends, and supporters.  We’re here to help you stay connected with each other, with the College, and the University.  Our communications will include publications, news, events, research, developments, exhibitions, volunteering opportunities, fundraising, and progress updates that are important to you. Address information is shared with the University.

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