Worcester College provides a rich and rewarding environment for academics from all disciplines and backgrounds. Our academics have been celebrated for their scholarly reserach achievements, as well as their public engagement and teaching impacts. We currently have about 200 graduate students studying for degrees across all four academic divisions of the University.

Some of the initiatives we have developed to facilitate and fund research collaboration and achievement include:

This programme sponsors short, collaborative visiting fellowships that promote the values of inclusivity, diversity, and cooperation, alongside academic rigour and innovation.

This scheme offers a two year residential Fellowship in the study of Renaissance or Baroque architectural history through the generosity of the Scott Opler Foundation.

This project established a creative writing residency that gave the resident writer(s) the chance to create a piece of writing evoked by or in response to Oxford, as experienced in 2019. 

The Franks Society is a forum for graduate students to deliver talks on their research or a topic of their choice, covering a diverse range of fields.