Robert, 2nd Year, Physics

Hey, I’m Rob and I’ve just finished my first year studying physics. The course in the first year is split into 2 physics and 2 maths modules. The majority of the material is covered in the first two terms when you will have 3 hours of lectures each morning and one day of labs each week. There are different sections to labs including general physics, electronics, computing and optics. A day spent in the labs finishes around 5pm and is very interesting. In the third term there are a few revision lectures and you also have a lecture course on a short option but most of your time will be spent on practice papers and general revision for “prelims” which are the exams at the end of first year.

In addition to lectures you will have two tutorials each week. The tutorials give you the opportunity to ask questions and really understand what you have been learning in lectures and apply what you have learnt to problem sheets. I also had a problem sheet for each tutorial which can take anywhere from 2-10 hours to complete, with good time management this leaves more than enough free time in the week for sport etc. There is always more than enough going on which makes Worcester such a great place to live as well as study!