Lucy, 2nd Year, PPE

Hi, I’m Lucy and I study PPE. PPE has a lot fewer contact hours than many other subjects, this means that rather than your week being spent in lectures or labs you can arrange your own time and there’s plenty left over to get involved with stuff at Worcester or in Oxford as a whole. You will study two subjects per term, Philosophy and Economics in the first (Michaelmas), Philosophy and Politics in the second (Hilary) and Politics and Economics in the third (Trinity).

In Politics you will concentrate on the Theory of Politics and the Politics of France and the USA. There are lectures a couple of times a week and a tutorial once a week, for which you will have to prepare an essay.

In your first year you will cover two philosophy courses - Logic and General Philosophy. Logic is usually taught in a class of all the 1st years at Worcester who are taking Philosophy (so this includes Maths & Philosophy, Languages & Philosophy etc.); it will probably be no more than 12 people. You will have a set of logic questions to complete and hand in before each class and your tutor will then go through any difficulties in the class as well as explaining new concepts. Logic lectures run once a week throughout the first term. For General Philosophy you will normally be in tutorials of no more than two people. Each week you will prepare and hand in an essay on a title decided on the week before. In your tutorial you will then discuss with your tutor and tutorial partner each other’s arguments as well as new ideas. Most of the work in General Philosophy comes from the reading list that is set for each topic, there are lectures on it once a week, although not necessarily in the term that you will be studying it.

Economics is split into two sections - microeconomics and macroeconomics. You will study microeconomics in Michaelmas (Autumn Term) and macroeconomics in Trinity (Summer Term). Each week you will be set a problem sheet and usually an essay that you will need to hand in before your tutorial. The tutorial is then used to go through the questions, difficulties you may have had and to discuss the topics addressed in the questions.

Overall, I have loved the first year of my course and I would definitely recommend applying the Worcester!