Neil, 2nd Year, Engineering

I was lucky because I'd made up my mind early on that I was going to apply for Engineering. I applied to Oxford because it’s a rigorous and well respected course, from a top university, in an amazing city (and the average starting salaries aren't too shabby either...).

Interviews were a scary prospect, but once you're actually in the room, the tutors will make you feel comfortable and settled and then the time flies by. Don't worry if you come out thinking the interview went badly - lots of people who got in genuinely believed they'd messed it up.

Being an Engineering student at Worcester is great, there's just the right number of other students that there's always someone to help you if you get stuck, but not so many other Engineers that you lose the personal attention from our tutors. Speaking of tutors, ours are really friendly and helpful and make the (sometimes tricky) work manageable.

Worcester is situated perfectly as well, the department is less than five minutes away so you can easily pop back for lunch in hall on the days when you have labs. Also, our libraries have all the books you need and there's always some available, so you don't need to buy any yourself.

At Worcester, you'll become good friends not just with the Engineers in your year, but also the Engineers in all the other years. This isn't something that happens at all the colleges and comes in really handy when you need advice on anything from revision strategies to the best games to play in your 'work breaks'.