Seb, 2nd Year, Economics and Management

Hi, I’m Seb and I study Economics & Management. As the name suggests, the subject in first year consists of modules in both economics and management; there are two core economics modules in micro and macroeconomics whereas management is made up of general management and financial management (finance and accounting). At first the workload did seem like a step up from school but I soon settled into it and quickly become more efficient.

A typical week in first term will be comprised of one two-hour general management lecture, one two-hour accountancy lecture and two one-hour economics lectures. Lectures aren’t compulsory but I’d recommend going to all of them initially and then you can work out which ones you find interesting or useful.

In addition to lectures there is of course work and tutorials to contend with. Oxford’s tutorial system really is what sets it apart from almost any other university and it’s an amazing way to learn. In the first two terms you’ll have one tutorial per week for both economics and general management and a class every other week for either accounting or finance (depending which term). Management work entails a reading list, which you will use to write a 1500 word essay on that week’s topic. The essay will usually be submitted online the day before the tutorial. Deadlines and tutorials are not to be missed; having said that, most tutors are very reasonable if you email them asking for an extension with a legitimate reason. The tutorial is normally a very relaxed affair in which you discuss that week’s topic for an hour or maybe two. You are always encouraged to express opinions but try to back them up. Economics is similar to management in its structure. Most weeks you will have to do a problem sheet as well as writing an essay.

Accountancy and finance are slightly different in that you will have classes in the business school as opposed to tutorials and these happen fortnightly rather than weekly. I would certainly recommend going to all the accountancy lectures in first term as they are very useful. In Worcester we are very well located for Economics & Management as the Business School is five minutes walk away; it is undoubtedly the most impressive faculty building with a comprehensive library for all your management needs as well as a really good cafeteria.

As a whole the course is challenging but hopefully not too overwhelming. Reading lists may seem daunting and take a long time in the first couple of weeks but you soon become far more efficient in the way you approach work, allowing plenty of time for other aspects of your life. Don’t let any ill-informed people tell you that there is no time for anything but work at Oxford, it’s certainly not true. Basically just make sure you structure your week appropriately to try and avoid any all-night essay crises, when you do work, try to be thorough and efficient. Oxford terms tend to be very rhythmical and the weeks will fly by once you settle into a routine – you’ll become an old hand in no time. Most of all, Oxford is an amazing university and Worcester is the best college within it so I would certainly encourage you to apply.