Ian, 2nd Year, Earth Sciences

Reading Earth Sciences at Oxford has been an amazing experience so far. The course encompasses a wide range of topics including palaeontology, earthquakes and volcanism, the solar system, and the behaviour of oceans and atmosphere. Earth Sciences at Oxford is a fairly science based course, but there are compulsory modules in biology, chemistry and physics early on which make sure everyone is on level par with the basics. The field trips are very well organised and have been a great time to not only apply what we have learnt during lectures, but to also get to know your course mates really well. It has been extremely rewarding being lectured by researchers and professors who are at the forefront of their respective fields. Being a relatively small department, it is tightly knit and a real joy to be part of.

Tutorials are flexible, tutors extremely approachable and there are always opportunities to request tutorials on topics you may find difficult. The Oxford college family system is a great way of getting advice from the older years.

Worcester has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The large grounds are always a nice escape from the busy city. College run events are frequently held through term, which make life at Worcester very exciting.