Peter, 2nd Year, Computer Science

I initially applied for Maths and Computer Science at Oxford. Admittedly I didn't know much about the course, but I knew that I loved the two subjects and I loved Oxford. I very nearly didn't apply to Worcester - it was the last college I looked at on the open days, but once I saw it I fell in love with it.

I was incredibly nervous when I first got to the interviews but I quickly found that all the other candidates were in a similar position and also extremely friendly, as were the current students helping out. I quickly got over my fears, and surprised myself with how I did. It was also a great opportunity to meet my future tutors who were really lovely.

After a few weeks I'd decided that Maths and Computer Science wasn't for me; I wanted to switch to straight Computer Science. Once I'd had a proper look at the course options for the coming years I knew that switching was the right thing to do and I talked to my tutor who agreed with me. The transition was painless: some reading over the vacation period but not an excessive amount.

The Computer Science course is somewhat different from courses at other universities as it starts by teaching maths and functional programming before diving into anything in more traditional courses. However, soon after this the more immediately practical courses start, and with the wide array of choice in the second year (three mandatory courses, plus five optional ones from a choice of eight) you really can do what you love.

Throughout my first year I had roughly three tutorials a week. Some of the tutors wanted the work in beforehand but some asked us to just bring it along to the tutorials. The work was usually four to eight questions, which in total could take anywhere from half an hour to quite a few. I worked closely with my fellow students to ensure that we all knew the material well and could answer all the questions. I had roughly two hours of lectures each day, all in the Computing Laboratory which is fortunately a short walk from Worcester, which I could get to even for the dreaded 9:00 lectures (which fortunately there weren't many of at all!)

All in all, my first year has been extremely enriching. I've learnt a lot, made great friends, tried new things and more, and it wouldn't be possible without Worcester.