Professor Ernesto Macaro MA, PhD

Professor Ernesto Macaro
Department of Education
College office: 
Professor of Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition, Supernumerary Fellow
Research interests: 

There are two major strands to Ernesto’s research activity and proposals for doctoral study are particularly welcomed in these two strands and sub-strands:

Strand 1. The second language oral discourse and interaction between teacher and learners. A current interest is in the oral interaction between teachers and learners in English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) settings

The particular focus when analyzing the discourse is on:

  • How teachers provide English-only explanations of concepts and lexical items
  • the teacher’s codeswitching (switching between first and second language) and its impact on learning
  • the wait time and lengths of turns accorded to the learners in questioning sequences
  • the proportion of learner initiated turns to teacher initiated turns
  • the cognitive demands placed on students in response to questions

Underlying this analysis is the notion of “quality interaction”, one which produces the best cognitive processes in the learners. Quality of interaction is of great importance in the increasing number of EMI settings.

Strand 2. The language learning strategies that the learners themselves deploy in order to facilitate and maximize learning and in order to overcome obstacles in their language learning or their learning of academic subjects through a second language. In strategies research the learner’s cognitive and metacognitive actions are analyzed for their deployment, combination, and ultimately effectiveness in learning.