Gareth, 3rd Year, Music

Music students at Oxford are kept busy with a wide variety of topics and activities. Typically, there will be one or two lectures per day, followed by various tutorials throughout the week in topics such as musical analysis, harmony, composition and music history. At Worcester College, we usually have three or four tutorials per week, for which various work assignments are set. The work normally includes one or two essays each week, along with a harmony exercise to complete. In addition to this, composers work on various projects throughout the year, and have regular chances to hear their works performed at the music faculty. Though musicians have fewer lectures than many other students (especially those studying for science degrees), we are expected to work independently, using our time to read around the subject, attend concerts, and follow our own interests in performance or composition.

Performers usually organise instrumental lessons with teachers outside the university (the college tutors will help you find a suitable teacher if you don't already have somebody in mind). Worcester College holds student concerts every Tuesday night, offering the chance to perform regularly in a friendly atmosphere. Various other musical activities take place in college throughout the year, and the student ensembles meet every week to rehearse for concerts each term. Music students also receive free tickets to many of the public concerts held in Oxford, so there is lots to see and do. Oxford University is a fantastic place to study music and offers exciting opportunities for its students. The huge range of other activities and clubs available in Oxford means there will be something for everyone to enjoy in their free time as well!