Exterior of Worcester's Old Library, Chapel and Dining Hall, and  Quad.

Annual Fund

Financial support from Old Members and friends is vital to the College. Throughout Worcester's history, donations to the College have made essential growth and developments possible. Many buildings, academic posts, and bursaries exist today thanks to the generosity of Old Members and friends.

As one of the lowest endowed colleges in Oxford, Worcester continually strives to help itself through its growing conference business and fundraising activities. Never before has Worcester, nor the University of Oxford, relied so heavily upon Old Member support to secure the resources necessary to provide excellence in education. The College is supportive of the University's campaign to raise £3 billion, and any gift made to Worcester is counted towards the University-wide target as well.

The Annual Giving Programme seeks to raise unrestricted funds from both existing donors and new donors – the objective being that there are sufficient funds available to respond appropriately to the areas of greatest need in the College, but primarily this will be in four key areas:

  • Student Bursaries
  • Student Facilities and Activities
  • Academic Posts and Research
  • Preserving our Historic Buildings, Gardens and Grounds