Dr Kristina Dahlin MSc, PhD

Kristina Dahlin
Department of Engineering Science & Said Business School
College office: 
Associate Professor in Engineering Science (Entrepreneurship)

Kristina holds a post shared between Engineering Science and the Saïd Business School. She is co-managing the EEM pathway in engineering and will teach a course in Advanced Entrepreneurship (focusing on business and technology strategy) to engineering students, and a course in High-Tech Entrepreneurship (focusing on technology strategy) to MBA students. She is a non-tutorial fellow of Worcester College.

Research interests: 

Kristina works on three levels of analysis: firm, group and technology across different industry contexts (tennis rackets, train accidents, semi conductors, cellphone standards, among others). The firm-level work focuses on learning and competition: how firms do or do not learn from adverse events, how firms use strategic alliances to off-set competition or facilitate adoption and how firms respond when competitors introduce radical innovations. The group-level work analyses the effect of diversity on information use and creativity in groups. The technology-level work is concerned with how we define and measure technological novelty (all do it differently and often inconsistently) and how we should do this better.