Wireless network access is currently available in the Lower Library, the Franks Room in the Upper Library, the Law Library, the JCR computer room (Staircase 4), the MCR computer room, Seminar Room C, Seminar Room A, Lecture Room B, Ruskin Lane meeting room, Worcester Cottage meeting room, and the Buttery.

Student wireless networks are not permitted - Because of security risks, students are not permitted to run any wireless networking on College property. All wireless routers and access points in College must be under the direct management of the IT Department.

Configuring your computer to access the wireless network

The Wiocester wireless network is broadcast under the name of worc-student.
The wireless card in your laptop needs to be registered on the network in order to use the worc-student wireless network. This registration counts as one of the five registrations allotted to you.
The Windows connection instructions below are based on having the basic wireless zero configuration service installed on your laptop, other software may vary slighty.


  • Click here to download the instructions for Windows XP or Windows Vista.
  • Click here to download the instructions for Windows 7.
  • Click here to download the instructions for Mac OSX.