Every room in college is provided with an ethernet port to connect your laptop or PC to the college network to use the internet and access email.
College also provides two computer rooms: one downstairs in Staircase 4 for undergraduate students, and the MCR computer room for graduate students. Information on these is below.

Connecting to the network in your room

  • Click here to download instructions for Windows.
  • Click here to download instructions for Mac OSX.

College computers

When you join college, you will be given a computing account to use network space, print to the shared printers, and use the computers in the College computer rooms and the College library. The username will be the same worcXXXX username that you use for your University email account, but typically the password will be different.

If you forget your password, you can reset it here. Please note that this will only work from within the College network.

Remote printing and remote file storage

If you are connected to the College network you can print to the college computer rooms and access your network storage space.